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"About three years ago you wrote a cover letter and resume for me. My investment of $130.00 (for a resume and cover letter) resulted in tripling my salary over that period of time! I am ready to move on to yet a better paying position within the Minnesota state college system. I tried updating my résumé, but have not been able to get interviews for positions that I think that I am qualified for. Please help me again!"

- Jennifer H., New Brighton, MN

“The level of service is really awesome. Having been a customer for many years, I am impressed by the professionalism. Thank you!”

- Robert G. Peterson, St. Paul, MN

"WOW! I got an interview for all the jobs that I applied for! I thought maybe I would get a couple of interviews, but it never occurred to me that I would get an interview for ALL the jobs I applied for. Getting a job this way was really sweet - I could pick and chose who I wanted to work for!"

- Kristen Poehls, Ham Lake, MN

"Working with the staff was painless. All I had to do was explain my idea for my new business and they came up with the rest - business cards, letterhead, reports, you name it, and they can do it!"

- John Gorman, Rice Lake, WI

I was stuck on my work project and couldn't move forward. I called and within 48 hours I was finished with it! They gave me the writing and technical assistance I needed - and stayed within my budget.

- Howard Petons, Clear Lake, IA

I was struggling with my resume -- what to add and what to remove --CAP Systems worked such magic I received numerous requests to interview!

- Ryan Adams, Minneapolis, MN


We'll get back to you within 2 hours!


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