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We provide secretarial and administrative support services include writing, editing, transcription, typing, word processing, document layout, business forms, letters and business cards, résumés, cover letters, web design, and much, much more!
CAP Systems is an online secretarial service that can write a letter, create a flyer or design a brochure for you, your group, company, or small business. 
We offer extensive experience in written composition including reports, personal or company letters, newsletters, résumés,  job search letters, and PowerPoint presentations.
Need to answer a letter and don't know what to say? We'll write it.
Already written a letter but you're not sure how it sounds? We'll edit it.
Looking for a job and need a résumé? Let's WOW them.
Need a cover letter to go with it? Let's tell them what you can do!
Starting a new business? Who's going to take your chicken scratches and make sense of them? We are!
Have to give a written report, presentation, or proposal to a client? Call us.
Trying to get ready for a work or a community event? Send your ideas over and tell us what you need.
We offer:
  • Excellent writing, interpretation, and editing of documents
  • Innovative and reliable administrative support solutions
  • Exceptional experience without an exceptional price
  • Short-term and long-term support available
  • Ongoing technology management and support
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